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Hello! My name is Debi Day, art is my passion, I have been doing art for over 10 years now, providing many people with portraits of their loved ones, pets, homes, and favorite celebrities, I love to draw in graphite , but I am fascinated with color, I currently complete about 2 portraits a week, when I am not working on artwork, I feel as if I am not doing what my purpose is, I have witnessed art bring happiness to so many people, the power of art is amazing and my goal in life is for everyone to bring that passion for art and creativity out! 'All true artists, whether they know it or not, create from a place of no-mind, from inner stillness.'

I love doing commission portraits... a friend, relative , coworker....portraits make great gifts, I have a quick turnaround time, with low prices...11x14 graphite portraits only $ your photo [email protected] me anytime for specific prices on bigger sizes and other mediums, original artwork can be appreciated for years to come! It is truly a gift they will never forget!

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