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Former Art Director and founder of Cybershaw Studios. Creator of all Titles that were produced under that banner. I was also the artist on the comic title "Pencilneck"(issues 1-3) Paperstreet comics. Pencilneck was optioned for feature film by Lionsgate film/Binderspink productions April 2008

I feel my work speaks for itself.

Companies I've done work for...

-Comic Creators Network -Thunderhead Games -West End Games (Purgatory Publishing) -ICE Press -Cocked and Loaded Studios -Paperstreet Comics -Inner Circle INC. -Skullvines Press -GC3 media -Breakaway Magazine -Silhouette Newspaper

Published works include...

-Warriors of Destiny(32 page comic that i co-wrote penciled and co-inked) -Title page art for Show and Tell#1 -Inside cover art for Show and Tell #2 -Moopsy and Me (Sequential Art and story) -Too many Secrets ( Sequential Art) -Muskrats Dream (Sequential Art) -Phone Call ( Sequential Art and Story) -Silencer #1 (32 page comic, Sequential Art and story) -Texas Tenaka #1 (32 page comic, Sequential Art and story) -Khemystri and DJ Twig CD cover art -D6 Vade Mecum of Magic: (various interior illustrations) -D6 Fires of Amatsumara Worldbook: (Interior illustrations) -D6 Otherwheres Worldbook: (Interior illustrations) -Pencilneck #1 ( 32 page comic, Sequential Art) -PencilNeck #2 ( 32 page comic, Sequential Art) -Cover art for the novel "Golden" published by Skullvines press -Robot Doll-Full color newspaper strip -Cover art for the Breakaway Magazine -Interior art, design and feature writing for the Breakaway magazine -Feature writing and illustrations for the Silhouette newspaper -Editor and Chief of the Breakaway Magazine 2008 -Pencilneck (trade paperback) 2009

Awards in Publishing 2008

Illustrations: 1st: Juniper Tangpuz 2nd: Jeff Blascyk 3rd: Davina Barr H.M.: Jeff Blascyk

(only two illustrations submitted, and both won an award)

Cartoons: 1st: Jeff Blascyk (Robot Doll comic strip) 2nd: Juniper Tangpuz 3rd: Mareus Hase



TABLE OF CONTENTS DESIGN First: Jeff Blascyk Second: The Bolt Staff Third: Jeff Blascyk (the only two magazine's submitted, both designs won)

ILLUSTRATIONS First: Jeff Blascyk Second: Kristie Stremel Third: Chance Dibben

MINIFEATURE WRITING First: Jacque Weber Second: Jeff Blascyk Third: Matt Hirschfeld H.M.: Jeff Blascyk H.M.: Deandra Schirmer

FEATURE WRITING First: Jeff Blascyk Second: Travis Brown JUDGE’S COMMENT: “Top two entries were head and shoulders above the field.

FEATURE PHOTOGRAPHY First: Joel Plank, Butler Second: Logan Jones Third: Jeff Blascyk

FEATURE DESIGN First: Jeff Blascyk Second: Erica Dirkman Third: Kristie Stremel JUDGE’S COMMENT: “Top three very original. Strong topics.”

I have worked with adapting various projects to motion picture studios as well. Industry Experience: Media, Advertising, Publishing, Entertainment, Other

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