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I all ways consider myself as a walking oxymoron life. I am a fan of the 1920’s and the theories of individualism and collectivism that a rose at the time yet I love the humor of Garfield and Felix the cat. I love allegories and stories that use symbolism yet I love children’s stories. My music starts from Glenn Miller from the swing era to industrial rock. I think of myself as an observer watching life and the world around me to see the paths we take and do not take. This is my greatest inspiration for painting and drawing. This also how I com up with my ideas and theories and what I want people to see and notice about ourselves or even about myself that I won’t say out loud. I want to go to college to get a degree in illustration. I want to become a freelance illustrator so that way I can still different styles, and medium. As well as becoming an illustrator, I want to release my stories as either comic or graphic novels. In honesty, I want to be able to portray my thoughts and spread them as far as I am able too. I want people to see my understandings. I am not expecting any accepting or to understand them. I all ways like to be thought of as great thinker that either hated or like. I love to write allegorical stories I want to be able to illustrate them someday. I want to be famous not for money I don’t care about the money even though it is an essential in living today. I want to be famous so somebody or even just someone will remember me. I want to come back after the year of experimenting with different art to teach as an Art Historian. Reminding us of our foundation, our reason and excuses in life that is portray in art that you never would think to see or imagine. Right now, I am a seventeen-year-old. I want to spring out from where I am and move towards a future that I will be glad to live and hope to influence and to give others chances to do what I can and what couldn’t that way. They will not live the life I have and that problems that thrown at me with every passing glance.

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