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Ever since I remember, I was fascinated with photography and received my first camera in grade school, a Kodak brownie camera.

I was born in Dallas, Texas. After graduating High School, I attended the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque with a major in Fine Arts/Photography. We would go on outings, shoot our film(35mm) then lock ourselves in the dark room for countless hours. In the darkness we developed our film and printed our creations. It was timeless in that room!

Since then, I have worked free lance but mainly I shoot photographs for family, friends and for myself. Since 2000, I have gone digital and I love it! I love the outdoors, all creatures, people and nature. My husband and I love to travel, we have been on many adventures and hope to go on many more!

Thank you for letting me share my photos with you!

Member of Photographers of Dripping Springs

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