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Self Portrait

Hello! I'm an old computer tech turned graphic designer. I've been an artist since I could hold my first crayon and have played around in just about every medium from sculpting to photography. I'm also a writer and a fruit-loop.

The images I post are primarily self-portraits, reflecting my emotions, thoughts and current events in my life. I use myself as a model because I am cheap! I can take pictures at my convenience, I don't mind being nude in my photos and I don't charge for modeling. Once in a while you'll see an image of another person who graciously let me take their photo and play with it. Most of the photographs I take are taken with either my webcam or my digital camera and manipulated with Adobe Photoshop.

I believe that art is a vital part of our everyday living, and a means of self-expression and self-healing.

I love feedback, so please leave your critiques good and bad. I grew up with the "red pen," so to speak, and do not mind criticism- but feel it's a necessary part of my continuing education.

Thank you for taking the time to peek at my work!

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