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Brett Robson is a melbourne based photographer that specialises in model and fashion photography with an excellent eye for detail.

Photographic Background Brett Robson has worked with many models and Fashion Designers over the time that he has been in the industry, lately he has been working with Sally Arnott who holds the Oceanic Title for "Top Model of the World" ( ) and Airdrie @ Joolz - ( )

Brett Robson Photography can cater photoshoots for Models for compcards and portfolios. Fashion and Product Designers for printed media and product shoots.

Brett Robson Photography has a reputation for attention to detail and his photographic standard is that you would feel should be printed in glossy magazines.

Testimonials from models ... "I found that Brett was great shooting on location, within a minimal time period we produced high quality images that I was extremely pleased with. His eye for detail and relaxed nature contributed to a great outcome. I would recommend Brett to any other models as he is an asset to the industry" - Clement Tang - Fashion Model -

I have worked with Brett many times ranging from commercial assignments, runwayshows and the Miss Earth pageant. At various times we work together with creative ideas for our portfolios. Brett's images are showcased all over my portfoilo and websites. I love to display his great quality work and constantly recieve many comments enquiring of the photographer. Brett has an encyclopedia of exquisite locations filed in his head which he can match to the photoshoot theme and the model. Brett is a joy to work with on a shoot, he is full of life and passion, which along side of his friendly creative personality makes you never want the photo shoot to end. - Sally Arnott - Oceanic Title Holder "Top model of the world" -

FAQ Here are some details to answer some of the questions that you may want to ask me.

1. Where are you from and what do you do for a living?

I live in the Melbourne Australia, working as a Helpdesk Technician and pursuing opportunities for my photography whenever I can, my main interests lie in Fashion and Model photography

2. Who taught you photography/did you study it?

I have never studied photography specifically, except for a short 4 week Portrait course at Box Hill Tafe and a 2hr cram session with Shoot That. From an early age I had a flair with cameras. Most of my photography skills and Photoshop skills are self-taught; picked up by speaking with other photographers and from making mistakes and learning from them.

3. Do you take all your pictures yourself?

Yes, all of them, unless otherwise stated.

4. What camera equipment do you use?

I am now using a Canon EOS-350D and a Canon EOS-20D

5. Is there a specific Lens that you use the most?

Out of all the equipment it would be the Sigma APO 70-200mm F2.8 EX DG/HSM (77mm)

6. Do you have a photography job?

Yes, I am a photographer for Real People Victoria, I have been now for the last 3/4 months and I enjoy it as I get to meet so many different people from a range of ages, colour, race and height.

7. Who is your favourite photographer if you had to pick one?

Well I kinda get called a "Teachers Pet" by her so it would definitly have to be Rena Harvey - her work is incredible and I have the privileged to have her as a friend and fellow photography college.

6. Any words of wisdom for any aspiring photographers/artists?

Get outside at any opportunity, no matter what the time, day and or weather condition, photography has no bounds, don't be afraid to break the rules if needs be as you may come up with something new. Also ask questions.

The world is your oyster, make it your own treasure, nothing is impossible .... "Dreams are goals with deadlines"

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