Artist Bio

Boz Vakhshori was born in Oct 1952, in Iran. He started to draw with charcoal and chalk at the age of Seven . He graduated from high school in 1970. He attended the Kerman Institute of Technology and learned graphic design and technical drafting. He graduated in 1972 and got his AA degree in the field of Architectural and Civil Engineering Design. He joined the Iranian Army in Engineering field of Army in Gilan, Iran. From June of 1974 to March of 1978, he was working in a private firm (SEMKA). He was in charge of graphic design for many projects. While he was working full time, he was also taking several courses in oil painting.

He left Iran in March of 1978 and attended the San Diego State University. He graduated in May of 1983 with a Bachelor degree in Civil Engineering. Among his field courses, he also took several courses in Modern Arts. In July of 1984, he was hired as a civil engineer consultant by Jay Kim Engineering Firm for the Los Angeles Metro Rail Project. While he was working full time, he was a part-time student at Cal State University of Los Angeles, taking wood crafting and ceramic courses. He learned how to make Persian Music Instruments and sold them to students in the field of music. Meanwhile, he studied real estate and earned his Real Estate Broker License in 1986. In 1989, he resigned from his engineer job and became a full time Real Estate Broker. In Oct 1993, he earned his security, insurance, and commodity licenses and was hired by Merrill Lynch. In April 2001, he joined MetLife insurance and had time available to attend more art classes. He studied the art of oil, acrylic, and watercolors.

On July 28, 2007, he had his first art show in City Art in Van Nuys, California. Sixty-five pieces of his work was in display, which were viewed by over 300 people. His web site was completed on August 1, 2007.His second art show was displayed in Manchester Grand Hyatt in San Diego, California on Sep. 4, 2007. On Sept 8, and 9, 2007 his paintings were displayed for Make A Wish Foundation reception in City Art in Van Nuys, California. For more information and viewing of his paintings and ordering, you can go directly to his website; He is a member of: Iranian American Visual Artists Guild.”IAVAG”. San Fernando Valley Art Club.”SFVAC”. Valley Artists Guild.”VAG”.

Artist Highlights