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Hi everyone, and thank you for checking out my portfolio on! I am an artist located in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada. I am mostly self taught, specializing in photo-realism with the mediums colored pencil and Claybord with acrylic paint. I love that pencils are clean, easy to use and fast. No waiting for drying, no prepping canvases... simple and effective. Claybord and acrylic is a great medium to get wonderful detail, especially for realistic hair textures.

I have recently made a few changes to my personal website - I can be found at! "Serenity" - my colored pencil Snow Leopard is the first of many pieces that will define my career as a wildlife artist, specializing in big cats. Thanks to all who have commented on "Serenity" to make it so popular! :)

Thank you to everyone who views my work, and a special thanks to those who leave comments and feedback.

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