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Enjoy a full year of beautiful art with my 12-month wall calendar!
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25 Mar, 2013

Wow! So much to report since 2007. I'll just cover the highlights to save you time. --One son home from Japan and teaching at St. Mary's U. --Other son still in Halifax growing a family and writing books. He has 2 books already published and one more looking for a publisher. He and his wife have blessed me with one grandson (4) and one granddaughter (1). --I have retired from making money so I can get to work. Took me a while to get going but am now on a roll with 3 pictures done and two on the way. It's hard. Photo of grandson.


Helen Thomas 28 Jan 2018

Hi David. Good luck with the calendar; I like the style that seems to be evolving...I'm assuming these are all recently finished pieces? Just curious, wondering which three pieces you made reference to, and how long you worked on these three. No particular reason, except I am always interested in how artists work. It's good to touch base after so long :-) ...........I so seldom come here to spend much time, and really should post some new paintings. I'm definitely painting less these days, but, do manage two or three a month, mostly for the pleasure of painting, occasionally a commission. Do stay well, be happy My best regards to you and yours H


11 Sep, 2007

I'm feeling better now after a wonderful few summer weeks, thanks. My eldest son came home from Japan for a visit and brought his new girlfriend along so that was a rare treat as he lives so far away. Also, my youngest son has returned home after a few years away and has brought his new wife to settle here in Halifax at least for the foreseeable future. I was lucky enough to talk him into a three-day golf tounament with my old crones which we have only just returned from this day. The glow in my happy heart lingers. We had a blast!


Helen Thomas 24 Mar 2013

Thanks, David, for the comment on my Peggy's Cove. It does seem that blogs are unread...mostly they are, I'm sure. But, I'm always interested in the folks who take the time to appreciate my work. I hope everything is still good with your sons and their families...and I understand the pain of losing your father. You never really get past the pain but it does become more a sadness than pain over time, I hope this has been the case for you. The memories and the love live on forever. All my best wishes for you and yours, Helen


23 Apr, 2007

Does anybody read these things? I'm kind of in a funk these days. My dad died last week at the grand old age of almost 91 years. I thought I was okay with it because it was not a great surprise or anything and he died peacefully in his sleep but for some reason I feel kind of lethargic and depressed and don't want to do anything at all. Come on, Benjamin, snap out of it!


22 Apr, 2007

My first blog entry is to protest the censorship at ArtWanted! I love the site but the one thing I cannot abide is censorship. I am confident all true artists feel the same way. Come on ,ArtWanted, change the rules and lift those stupid censorship criteriae. After all, this is a site for art and artists and how are we supposed to say anything with the gag of censorship in our mouths? Who's with me?