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Hello, My name is Natasha Picugina. I am a native Russian was residing in the beautiful mountians of East Tennessee a few yers. Now I am living in Latvia, A beautiful resort city on the Baltic Sea. Art is my passion. I took art lessons from various artists in Latvia, Russia and Eastern Europe. I have University degree in History. I taught basic art classes to children in elementary school.. I also worked with various artists to organize and teach basic to advanced art classes for adults. I believe art needs to show feelings, expression and technique. My paintings come from my soul. I feel my art reflects a mood of the moment captured in time, something that will never be back. I work every day to improve my skills and create new paintings. I want to share with you the moments and expressions in my world of paintings. I have sold many of my paintings in person and online at various online galleries. I have recieved very good feedback on the paintings I have sold and continually recieve wonerfull comments and feedback on the paintings I have listed. Please feel free to post your comments and suggestions. I am always ready to hear what you like or my not like about my art. Thank You for your support and understanding. I will waiting for you...

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