Artist Bio

Self Portrait

A naturally creative soul, American artist Jeremy Davies has always been creating art. He found art to be one of his ambitions at a very young age while growing up in Ogden, Utah. Experimenting in drawings of people, colors, and shapes, his talents involve (but are not limited to) painting, sculpture, drawing, ceramics and music. He is known for his distinct painting style, his use of bright colors and composition of shapes and imagery, which have contributed to being a successful artist. While in high school, he received a ceramics scholarship for his sculptures. He attended Idaho State University as a fine art major. Since it was a small college town, he was able to focus on his art, creating over one hundred pieces over a span of two years. His main goal was to strictly pursue ceramics, but he ended up picking up painting and winning top awards during annual art shows. With this new creative passion and a lot of support and encouragement, his mind was set on becoming a fine artist. While his ambitious soul became bigger than this small college town, he decided to move to a bigger city.

He left the University to follow his dream as an artist and moved to Seattle with $800 in his pocket and an old van; not knowing a soul as he arrived to this unknown city. He currently resides in Seattle’s U-District, painting within his living space. Since living in Seattle, he has had solo shows, group exhibitions and is backed by city support. While he is still learning more ways to express himself, he keeps his right brain exploring the creative world of his own passion.

Artist Highlights