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BRIEF ART- JOURNEY Inherited art from my father renowned Musician & Artist.He was a real inspiration in development of my concept of Eco Organic Art.Since childhood... intended to do some thing"New"in the field of Art . Tried to search an alternate source of colors & canvas after so many experiments/trials.Lastly,after more than 10 years discovered the treasure of Nature i.e - Our Mother Earth Ingredients i.e.infinite scope of Raw Art Materials.My Canvas is sturdy-Bark of palm tree. Any one can generate this Eco Organic Art with inner aesthetic sense & creativity skills from Natural sources without purchasing any Art Materials from market. Things that discarded by nature to perish in time is my starting point to convert to art which remains for longer. These 'Eco-Friendly Art' is :- Novel,Innovative, Creative & Inspiring to every one SOLO SHOWS .. Recently i completed 7th solo shows, . Special Show by ‘Reliance Time Out’ & ‘Diamond Books’ on behalf of “India Book Of Records”.Bhopal (MP)

GROUP SHOWS Participated in several group shows sponsored organized by Madhya Pradesh Kala Parishad at Jabalpur & other various social Organizations Institutions. Next show will be at ArtizenArt Gallery,Delhi 14-18 Dec'13

ACHIEVEMENTS i) Best Award on his Painting-Work‘ Bhagna-Awashes’ by M P Kala Parishad. ii) Vasundhara Mitra Award at International Film Festival on 'Saving Biodiversity' sponsored by Kirloskar Brothers Ltd,Indore iii) 'Organic Art' endorsed in " India Book Of Records" ..Book recently launched iv) AIR broadcast special Talk on 'Organic Art' in 2010 & 2011 v) Consequent upon various exhibitions,the Press Release before & after exhibitions published/displayed in various media channels,Magazines & Newspapers throughout the country.

UNDER ENVIRONMENTAL PROJECTS I) 'Organic Art Course' now being taught in On-line Academy "IFAA" (International Fine Art Academy) ii) Planning to provide to interested students an 'Organic Kit' which includes packet of layers of ingredients & Bark canvas of palm tree. As some students may not have sufficient time for collecting,drying & other processing activities of organic materials. --------------------------------------------------------

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