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Born too long ago (1946) in Cleveland OH. According to my Mom, I began drawing at the ripe old age of 4 (not one wall was harmed in the creation of this artist). I doodled a lot.. day-dreamed just as much but in 3rd grade we had a homework assignment that was to forever change my life. We were to draw, in full color, 3 North American birds. At that time, it was my brother that seemed to have all the talent so I asked him if he would draw them for me. He did the first two then said he WOULD NOT DRAW that ugly bird (a Horned Meadow Lark - funny how I remember that).. so I did. Haven't stopped and never looked back!! Done gallery shows, art and craft fairs and a number of one woman shows... And as long as there was a wall for me to hang on.. I was there!! I've even been told that I "paint like a man".. not sure what that meant! A need to experiment always drives me to try new media, techniques and what ever seems interesting. I have used pastels, oil pastels, watercolor, colored pencil, pen & ink, charcoal, graphite, Conte crayon (and erasers), scratchboard, watercolor pencils and oil paint. As for the surface, if it looks like it could give me an interesting appearance.. I'll try it. I've been married (12 years), divorced and married (presently almost 31 years) again (I just never learn). I have 2 sons and 12 grandchildren (some blood, some step and one adopted). Drawing/painting is the only thing that has kept me sane though all of it! Life has handed me some hard times (stage 3A Colon Cancer - 2008 and Cancer free now).. difficult situations and a little joy thrown in for balance. Art has always been a part of me.. the tears, smiles and angst.. I don't write about it.. I paint with it!!

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