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Who? 'Complicated' is the answer. I, Atamjeet Singh Bawa, was born to be a Pilot, destined to be a Table Tennis Player, happened to be a Textile Chemist and eventually landed being a Software Programmer. And the best part, I am a Passionate 'SCALE PAPER MODELER'. Currently working as CRM Consultant for an IT giant.

The portfolio you are about to enjoy is my collection of Scale Paper Models I have built out of my passion. Most of these models are free downloads that are designed by different very skilled designers across the globe. These are paper made 3 dimensional Models of airplanes, bikes, ships, cars, guns and anything which suits my interest. I started off with an airplane (F4F-Grumman WildCat) using knowledge of Engg. Drawing and it took me more than a month to complete. I call it my 'Engineered Accident' and that became the beginning of this wonderful journey.

I do commissioned projects and handcraft detailed paper models (in all sizes, my bigest model is of a T90 Tank which is 6.5 ft long) and most of them are used for art installation at office and residential spaces.

Please contact me through email ([email protected]) and feel free to Whatsapp me at +918826599898 anytime.

Happy Hobby!

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