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Born in Harlem, Jacqueline Amos has lived in Brooklyn for thirty years. She is a graduate of Medgar Evers College, with Associates in Art and a degree in Early Childhood Education.

Jacqueline Amos has taught for 25 years. Jacqueline is Chairperson of the Noumi Arts Black Collections, International World Wide Director of Missions. International Faith of Restoration; she has lectured at Medgar Evers College, Public Schools, and Universities.

Jacqueline Amos has spent her life giving. Whether it is her services to programs for children, or donating her Art to the children of the Village of the Assin Kruwa Ghana to be auctioned for schoolhouse with the proceeds to be given to the village children. She has always contributed her life to the good will of human life.

Jacqueline’s states: Let the windows open and the love will be shouted, from the rooftop, where men and women reside. In the name of God feel the spirits as the blessings of the highest gives me a message to deliver. Let unity be the key to the mouths of all men. I am the tool and take no glory in what ever I do. The blessings that touch my hands come through the highest king.

Let the spirit feel your heart. I write the words of wisdom and love. The words of the prophets, I hope they will touch your heart. I hope the contents of my words open the doors. Man is nothing without God. I hope to bring beauty and truth. Every spoken word the truth that will open the doors to wisdom, knowledge and understanding.

Jacqueline honored Queen Mother Moore who walked among many as Marcus Garvey, Martin Luther King, and many other civil rights leaders for justice. Jacqueline awarded her with a painting on her 97th birthday. "In My Mothers House".

Jacqueline Amos honored Queen Winnie Mandela with a gift from the Artist of the United States, one of her own paintings "In my Fathers House". Victoria Theater of Harlem. Historical Archive.

Many Collectors holds Jacqueline Amos paintings, and works of poetry, doctors, lawyers, judges, banks, churches, hospitals, actors, and historical archives. Jacqueline has completed her first book, through Publish America, “In My Fathers House” Jacqueline is also a Rythem and Blues Singer. She also completed her first CD.

Alumni Association, Humanitarian Services Award/Recognition Filipino and American People, Museum of Modern Art Brooklyn Museum, John F. Kennedy Performing Art /International World Wide Artist, Bedford Styvesant Restoration Arts and Culture Harlem State Building Arts and Culture, Brooklyn Council for the Arts, American Arts for famous Artist, International World Wide Directory of Artist, Schaumburg Library of Black Studies, Proclamation Borough. President, Olympic Visions of Harlem, Medgar Evers College Archive Collections, Plaque Rythem and Blues Singer, Syvestri World Wide Registry, International Library of Poetry, Black Poets Society, Black Writers Organization, One million Women’s Movement, Independent Living Gallery, 18 one-woman shows, Outstanding Award in Teaching /Medgar Evers College, Black Enterprise, Press, Journals, Media, Books, International Merit Award Poetry.Com Advocate for people who are disable. AmericanArts World Wide International World Wide Rigistry For Artist

Executive Committee nomination Jacqueline Amos 2002 Poet of the year. Selected Poem The One Who Lives Within (Famous Poets) Trophy Of excellence.

International Library Of Poetry, Award Medallion

I am a true believer, Art is a connection with the heavenly father. The message you perceive is a spiritual reality. It is expression of creation. The Heavenly Father created the heavens and earth in seven days. The expression of beauty an truth. I am a person with a dis-ability the message that I received from the creator. All God's creations exhibits beauty and truth, if you believe in him , the truth will prevail. I am an endangered specie. I sing no victim song, because I am a women. I know where my voice belong. I know why the cage bird sings. This is why I speak of rebirth and cry no victim song.

I am the physical being through softness, color, and rich light can pass through me. There are times when the disabled feels that the physical world is controlling there every move. I open the gates of passage. I know that others are looking for softness to cure the pain. The pain is extreme and relentless in its insistence trying to capture the foundations which are no more. I thank God for the motivation of self and the rewards of his love. Like the mind of a person with schizophrenia, the images that I represent may be disturbing and unpretty, but when you are open to them, they can evoke compassion and an understanding of their own unique beauty". Judge me not by my form but the message of divine love.

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