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I have always enjoyed art, and cannot remember a time when I was not drawing. My goal when I was a little girl was to be an artist. At a very early age I had children which made it very difficult to carry on with my goal. But after having five children, I never gave up my dream or love of art. I am mostly a self taught artist, but I have had the pleasure to have some structure in the art form through a local college. I like to explore different mediums such as, Indian ink, oils, pencils, and watercolors. My subjects range from animals, people, children, old houses, or anything that has a special "something" or just stands out to me. I work on site for my pictures or draw from my own photographs of place I have visited. I will continue my journey and passion for life, love, and art as long as God lets me do so. My name is Catherine Gemkow, and I am currently looking for artist agent representation.

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