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13 Nov, 2019

FINALLY FINISHED: Finished and sent to it's new owners, who loved it!


04 Oct, 2019

WIP:--'DORSEY' My current graphite drawing is coming along nicely. I have worked on the dog's right side of his face and moving across to his left side, adding black colored pencil on the darkest areas like his nose, eye pupils, and shaded areas. Next, I'll continue to move in the same direction. The next and last post for this drawing will be when it's completed. So stay tuned!


21 Sep, 2019

A GREAT ARTIST TOOL: Here's a tool I am using right now while working on my WIP, "Dorsey" and I thought it might be useful to someone else. It's call the Prospek Tool. (proportional divider), it can have many different uses in measuring. I purchased mine several years ago. It's a wonderful tool for checking features like eyes and mouths, etc between the photo and the actual artwork I'm working on for accuracy. When something seems a bit off, I grab my Prospek tool and simply measure the photo and then using that same measurement so how it compares to that same thing on my artwork. It's proven to be a great life-saver on many occasions over the years. It can also size up or down a drawing. It has been a while and I can't recall where I purchased mine online, but if you're interested just do a search for Prospect Tool and it should come up in the results. I have recently seen them in black and they are made of plastic and do the same work as the more expensive metal proportional dividers, which be very pricey. I do have a more expensive model, but I just reach for the Prospek Tool most of the time. Of course, there's always digital proportional dividers and electronic measuring devices, if you're into that. But, being the old-fashioned kind of a girl I am, the Prospek Tool works well for me!


JD Pearce 23 Oct 2019

Great idea! I always have trouble getting the eyes the right length apart...


20 Sep, 2019

WHAT'S ON MY EASEL-- WIP 1 I'm working on a pet portrait of "Dorsey" an Australian Shepherd. I'm drawing on 11 x 14" smooth Bristol board. If it turns out well, it might be a gift to a family friend. We'll see...

In the photo, I began with an HB 2.0 clutch pencil, by basing in some medium tones on the darker areas, eyes and some fur. I'll be adding darker tones, by a lot of light layering. I want to avoid graphite shine on the darkest tones, by using black Prismacolor colored pencil once I progress a bit further along.

On my next post, I show more progress, stay tuned!


08 Sep, 2019

While I create my art, I also like to listen to podcasts. Here are a few of my favorites. ***Artists Helping Artists, hosted by Leslie Saeta. Offers personal creative advice, along with mostly selling art from a more professional viewpoint. Most episodes are about one hour in length. ***Creative Thursday, hosted by Marisa Anne Cummings, offers advice and discussion about creativity and the business side. Episodes are about 30 minutes in length. ***The Creative Habit, hosted by Daphne Cohn, offers talks on the more personal side of creating, by way of interviews with interesting and informative top creatives. Episodes are about one hour in length. ***Liron Yanconsky and Creative Show, hosted by Liron Yanconsky and offers talks on topics like watercolor painting tips, creating art, along with promoting and selling your artwork. Episodes last about ten minutes.

There are tons of podcasts out there that concentrate on art, creativity and almost any subject that you can think of. I use the podcast app for my Android tablet, "Podcast Addict", but there many more apps, depending on your device, to download in order to listen to podcasts. I've been using this app for over 2 years with no problems and it offers a great selection of podcasts, including stories and novels. I find listening to podcasts while I create does double duty: I'm creating my artwork and maybe learning something new--a great combination!


28 Aug, 2019

I like to listen to either music or a podcast while I am creating art. In this post, I focus on music. My go-to app for music is the Tunein Radio app, although I know there's many music apps out there, this works nicely on my Amazon Fire tablet (Android). Sometimes I might choose something like, "Peaceful Currents Radio" for instrumental, quieter tunes. Another time I might pick "Retro Radio FM" for a soft rock mix that'll take me back to high school and beyond. I might choose "Smooth Jazz 24/7" for softer, modern jazz tunes or even a local favorite "Maine's Coast 93.1" for current contemporary music. My music choice is dependent upon my mood and what kind of artwork I'm creating. There are so many to stations from all over the world to choose from, and like most music streaming apps, you can really make it your own, to suit your own your life (or art creating time) and musical taste. On next week's blog post, I'll talk about my favorite podcasts that I enjoy listening to, while creating my art.


22 Aug, 2019

A HEAD'S UP: Udemy is having a great sale on many of their courses, starting at $9.99. This sale ends on Friday, Aug 29 @11:59 PDT (Pacific Daylight Time). It's a great time to grab that art course you've been eyeing. They offer lots of courses on all kinds of subjects. If you're new to Udemy, sign up is easy. Go check it out at: Enjoy!


15 Aug, 2019

In Annie O'Brien Gonzales' book, "The Joy of Acrylic Painting," there's a great section on how to set up a "Painting Notes & Sketchbook". Now, I've never been one to be real good at keep any kind of art journal or sketchbook, but Annie's idea looked more inviting than any I had ever seen. So I right jumped in with a mix media sketchbook I already had on hand. Here are photos of my version, that I just keep adding to. Hardly a day goes by when I don't make some kind of any entry, even if it's one little thing. I use stick glue, scissors, gel pens, permanent markers, pencil and a eraser for gluing and sketching in ideas. I snip photos from magazines, flyers, etc and glue them in. Sometimes it's not even about what's in the photo, but all about the color scheme that I like. In a nutshell, it's all about keeping color schemes, ideas for artwork titles, photos of designs and shapes, fabric samples, and just about any thing that catches my eye that can be used for inspiration in my artwork. Keeping it all in one place to flip through when I need that boost of inspiration.


13 Aug, 2019

Here's what I am doing with those little bits of acrylic paint left over from my painting projects. I have a pillow in my art studio that sits in my comfy chair that says, "My Happy Place" on the front and on the backside is a plain off-white cotton muslin kind of fabric. When I'm finishing a painting, I simply dab paint on the plain-side of the pillow in floral/rose shapes. I don't get fancy or worry much about design. If I don't like a particular flower, next time I might add more color or change it completely. I also add in bits of white for accent, here and there.