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The Rosy Seasons of Life


O. Yemi Tubi

United Kingdom
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17 Apr 2020
This is of course Biblical truth and not a fable....This is the story of sin entering the world as Eve was coasted to defy the edit of God and partake of the forbidden fruit. When Gd confronted the two...Eve laid the blame for her sin to the lies of the serpent....then Adam replied that the Woman led him to eat of the forbidden fruit; but Adam did not stop there with Eve as the culprit--but Adam had the audacity to blame God for having given Adam the woman. This even was more than a mere yarn of antiquity--it was the entrance of sin into the world--and the first shedding of blood. God slew a creature and used its skins to cover the two. God proclaimed that sin required a blood covering, and this was pointing to man's way of forgiveness through the blood...pointing to Christ who ultimately would shed his sinless blood to cover the sins of all mankind, to all that would profess Jesus as Lord and Savior. - Elton
17 Apr 2020
Glory to come...Jesus is still Lord of Lords and King of Kings...I congratulate you for witnessing to our miracle making God...God can do what man can not. We climb our high towers and proclaim we are masters of all we survey and nothing can overcome our manly power...then God allows a tiny micro organism to subdue us- to bring down the mighty to his knees, where he should have been to begin with, and there pleading with God to forgive and to save. - Elton
17 Apr 2020
Wonderfully surreal way of portraying the Biblical myth (which has different interpretations and implications in the different Abrahamic religious traditions)! Love the abundance of the colors and the symbolism! - X-Chel
17 Apr 2020
Wonderful colors and details in this image, apart from the urgent political content! - X-Chel
17 Apr 2020
Wonderful colors and details in this image, apart from the urgent poitical content! - X-Chel