Artist Bio

Self Portrait

I enjoy scrimshaw and glass engraving by hand. While there are a number of additional methods, I prefer the manual work with a sewing needles, tungsten scribes, sewing needles, and an xacto craft knife. I am able to create some pieces with outstanding detail and beauty without any automation. However, these necklaces take hours and sometimes days to prepare with all the stippling and sometimes lines to create the picture. Once they have been inked, cleaned, finalized and waxed they will last for years. I look at it as a challenge to keep traditional arts alive. Faux Ivory and Glass are fascinating mediums to work with. Every piece is completely unique.

At this time most of my scrimshaw work is done on Faux Ivory. In this manner I can make the art available to a wider audience because of the cost of the ivory as well as the ever changing restrictions in place.

Artist Highlights