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Retired craftsman in five crafts, who over the years has had a few hobbies, Mostly Photography, drawing, Pen & Ink, painted in Oils and now Watercolors.

Drew for 18 years as a commercial artist. Then got into Pen & Ink, and after about 4 years and 12 pieces published, went International in 1992 with 3 pieces, one for a Dive Magazine.

Started Photography in 1966, has worked in all film formats, 35 mm, Medium, and Sheet film ( 4 X 5 ), plus a little 16 mm Movie. Enjoyed the medium format the most. Now, into Digital, for almost 5 years, own three cameras, and a bag full of lens, up to a 150 mm to 600 mm zoom lens, The new camera is a Canon EOS 6D MK2. Still working on all the details, but this is one is, one hell of a camera.

Use two speed lights for indoor photography, ring Flash on camera, with a Wifi trigger to fire the other speed light to get the F/Stop down to f/22, at a shutter speed of 1/180 of a second on AV Mood. Sometimes have to bounce the light to the ceiling. ISO is in auto, but is around 1600. Both Flashes are daylight balanced, so there is very little work in processing, other than cropping.

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