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What I know about painting I found by observation and reading many, many books! Although I have had no formal art education, I have attended a couple of workshops. One with Tom Browning and another with Kevin MacPherson. I paint anything that interests me and particularly enjoy doing people and still life, which I always paint from a live setup. Sometimes I paint outdoors and at other times I glean material from my own photos. I strive always to do better!

I have entered many invitational shows, won many prizes, including "best of show" for a portrait of my youngest daughter, have done several "one man" shows, and have been invited to judge others. My current affiliation is with the Inscape Gallery, Newport, OR

Recently I have joined a life drawing group -- something that I have always wanted to do. It is rapidly improving my ability to "see", and I recommend it to all artists. It doesn't matter if you don't do "nudes". The point is to sharpen your powers of observation. If you can draw a perfect likeness of a human body, you can draw anything!

Besides loving to paint, I am a practicing contralto and a professional pipe organist and am at present the assistant organist at a Presbyterian church. My crowning achievement is being the mother of six children -- three boys and then three girls! How perfect is that! Look up my photographer daughter at: and my sculptress daughter at:

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