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Studio Training

My experience with Stained Glass studies started in the springtime of 1971, in the quaint town of San Anselmo California, nestled in the shadow of Beautiful Mount Tamalpais, Where I was born.

It all Began at Western Leaded Glass Shop in what was to shape direction in my young life. It was what some may call a European style of apprenticeship in which I shared an apartment above the studio with other apprentices. Our lives there were mostly about learning to work with glass in the studio below. It started by learning to sand glass edges and bundle lead “came” for use in the making of window hangings, carousel lamps and candle holders. I watched and learned from other artists with more experience and skill as they created leaded art glass beauties on the benches. All work in the studio was subject to inspection at any time. Great emphasis was put on thoughtful and complete craftsmanship. Inaccurate or sloppy work was simply not tolerated.

As time went on, I earned my way up to working at the benches. There I was taught the difference between mediocre and excellent work by critique and criticism. Working slowly and accurately while building up rhythm and speed was the imperative teaching at the benches. The result was that all our work was built strong enough to withstand the test of time.

In my four years of studio work there, I was introduced to the many responsibilities of working in the medium of Leaded & Copper Foil Art Glass Creation. In order to become proficient, one must study design, pattern making, glass cutting, fabrication techniques, reinforcement styles, architectural compatibility, solid and integrative installation methods, customer relations, solid restoration and repair techniques, bidding procedures and acquisition of materials to become well rounded in this field.

My experience and training at Western Leaded Glass furnished me with a broad and strong foundation on which I have been able to build a larger body of Art Glass work. The knowledge and technical expertise I gained there has served my clients and me very well ever since.

I remain always grateful to my teachers, Thomas Brockbank, Robin Stipp, and Proprietor Joel Zimmer for all the teachings and knowledge they afforded me in my tenure at Western Leaded Glass, as well as my studio acquired love of Jazz!

Creating a Studio

I established my own studio in 1975 in Fairfax, California. The focus of Our Studio is the creation of commissioned art glass windows and lamps as well as effecting Restoration /repair projects. I learned quickly that collaboration with other artists with skills such as sandblasting glass, creating specially designed bevels and faceted optical lenses were beneficial to both clients & studio. Working together with other crafts people, architects, designers, and homeowners has become a natural and enjoyable aspect of the studio process. The studio has thrived and produced quality work for many years now, & continues offering client specific mosaic glass design, which brings sparkle, light, and color into selected areas of the home or business environment.

The Leaded glass arts have given the world many forms of lasting beauty and inspiration. We can see examples of a Rich Glass Arts Heritage in work like the Rose Windows of the Chartres Cathedral and the fine glass art of Louis Comfort Tiffany, Marc Chagall, and countless other incredible artists in glass throughout time.

Over the years we have pursued and practiced methods which help to facilitated innovative beauty, by using thoughtful craft techniques and specialty materials in mosaic glass art. Studies of graphic artists and painters have been an inspirational source in studio projects along the way.

The development of innovative style in any medium requires an intimacy with the materials. In studies of mosaic art forms, I have been continually drawn to the creation of an increasingly finer line to separate the mosaic shapes. By use of the Tiffany Studio preferred Copper Foil Technique of construction, we achieved line widths of 1/8th of an inch and smaller between the finely fit glass pieces. This cloisonné-like technique allows for the desirably finer finished tracery line, comprised of a hand-run solder bead upon the foil edging which encircles each piece of glass. We then utilize a rectifier to hand "Brush Electroplate" the soldered tracery lines with a bonded finish of precious metals such as shiny copper and 24k gold, which further beautifies the finished presentation of these windows. It is an honor indeed to be able to offer high quality art and craftsmanship to discerning clients, who wish the best for their homes & working environments. I greatly enjoy the process and communication of ideas that leads to a successful and enjoyable finished art pieces. I look forward to new challenges that will serve to broaden horizons for all and develop yet unseen possibilities. Hopefully, our efforts together can give birth to expressions that act to soothe and enrich our lives, reminding us that beauty is a great part of who we are.

Thank you for your interest in my work.

Artist Highlights