Artist Bio

I am a Digital Artist from West Bengal,India.From my childhood I am a great lover of nature and various works of art related to nature and so I am creating images in Adobe Photoshop with a touch of fine arts. All the images are from my imagination and I want to display my creation and let others know about my work.

I have tried my best to infuse tranquility in my work so that after long tiring day a person feel refreshed and forget the pain of the world. The pictures of nature will offer complete solitude and I have tried to create pictures that will work as a balm and will soothe the weary soul and one can enter into dreamland, a land calm and serene before returning to humdrum activity.

The danger of degradation of nature is also in my mind and I am creating pictures related to nature’s degradation and development .Though I have great fascination with nature I did not linger on a single theme.There are images from the world of gods and goddess in different form for religious minded people from my imagination and still there are others from pollution free Rural Bengal,pictures of rising and setting sun and and moonlit night and some images related to love and despair.I have created lots of images with awareness messages. The images have been properly focussed with light and light have transformed some images into ghostly silhouette.

Artist Highlights