Artist Bio

From the decrepit land of Wormania comes an artist of the 3rd magnitude, an undiscovered gemrock in the minefields of artistic desire, the new thing on the block, the mad hope that could have saved mankind from its tragic destiny if he had only acted sooner, but he didn't (and whose fault is that?)nevertheless, he is here among us now, the one, the lonely .... EarWorm! .... The roar of the crowd swells to unimpressive proportions, then fades away to a mere trickle in the breeze, barely enough to float a butterfly, and yet, if you know your Chaos Theory, you will realize that one day he will be caught in a hurricane and may have to change out of his wet clothes, not to be dry but to prance naked before a roaring fire that is consuming a barrel full of old newspaper clippings, the very clippings that announced his meteoric rise in the ART WORLD, and then that long plateau of fame and success before the drugs, the women, the loud music, and that evil chick Rhonda started him on the long fall to what he is today -- a third rate pencil pusher in a flea-ridden fake palace of busted dreams on that electronic flim-flam scam we call the internet.


Check out EarWorm's small cartoon movies at (LaughingDervish is not my own website, but he does have a big collection of early EarWorm movies.)

EarWorm movies are on YouTube in several places. My YouTube page is called Dizzybop and has some movies done with Lionhead movie software.

Artist Highlights