Artist Bio

Self Portrait

Vitaliy Mashchenko born 1975 in Ukraine is a modern artist who works mainly with a palette knife and oils. He represents the third generation of artists dedicated to the craft of painting.

In early childhood, he experimented with sketches, plasticine sculptures, and drawing. Adults often asked him: "Vitaliy, what do you want to be when you grow up?". He answered proudly: "I will be an artist or a sculptor."

To make peace with parents who did not approve painting, Vitaliy started working as a graphic designer. It gave him a broader perspective and more opportunities to develop his style. He continued his experiments, until 2014 when he could not resist his passion and came back to painting. Vitaliy had neither a professional palette knife nor support, only his imagination. He created a homemade tool to start the journey. The knife finally gave the freedom to complete the piece of art in one breath. It was like wearing comfortable sneakers but in the painting creation process.

Vitaliy’s color palette does not include an abundance of colors. It is based on the philosophy that asceticism in using the color palette triggers the artist’s skill, like Paganini who skillfully performed on the same string.

Artist Highlights