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I enjoy touching color in different media from paints, pastels to fabrics and yarns. My mother bought paint-by-number oil paint sets and I loved them! I expanded my tools over time from oil and water-based paints, to markers, crayons, inks, and soft pastels. I learned to sew, knit and crochet at a young age. Yarns and fabrics are selected for their colors and textures. Combining different yarns created depth with shade and shadow in three- dimensional art-to-wear garments. I learned drafting in high school and in college. Two and three-dimensional work in black and white and with color enabled me to produce my designs and renderings and work in various architectural offices. I travelled with a group headed by a college professor, mentor, and friend to sketch on-site in other countries, as I continued to do wherever I visited or lived since then. My architectural education came in handy to draft my own drawings for my first patent. With my spiritual studies, I learned psychic art. Entura, or “enter the aura” art, answers questions in meditation. I enjoy the psychic art and channeling, producing work that is significant for the receiver. Everything, from colors and positions on the page have meaning. It’s a marvel to take intuited cues, put soft pastel to page, and see what transpires. The interpretations of the work are life-altering words from Spirit.

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