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Self Portrait

A Washington,DC native T. H. Gomillion was raised about 30 miles from Philadelphia, in Coatesville, Pennsylvania.In junior high school, his love to create developed along with his athletic abilities in track and field. While growing up, he never thought of himself as an artist; he just enjoyed being creative. After returning to Washington, DC, he completed his high school education and sports career. He was also able to attend college by virtue of his sports ability, which earned him a scholarship at Winston-Salem State College (Winston Salem State University) in Winston Salem North Carolina. He also earned a graduate degree in art education from Trinity University, Washington, DC. During his 31 years as an educator inWashington, DC, he held several positions: physical education instructor, trackcoach and art instructor. In 1998, after coaching track and field at the University of District of Columbia, he retired. His art portrays the beauty and dignity of simple, every day life, capturing the moment. His art is typified by a bright palette and naive style. Hiswork is constantly evolving, fueling his need to portray the human condition.

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