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I really don't know what to put here

I enjoy art and most things creative such as gardening, jewlery making, clothing design, interior design, cooking, drawing, painting, writing (Haiku mostly),

I have many varied interests such as Herbalism, Mineralogy, environmental studies, Mythology and religions (especially tribal beliefs and myths and shamanism) Oriental studies, Swords and the like, Furry art and Anthropomorphism in general, Fine art, Music, SCA (society for Creative Anachronism), Alternative Health, Alternative Energy, Strange happenings, Magic, RPGs, James Bond, Austin Powers, Action-Comedy-Martial Arts movies, Ancient History, Alchemy, Animals, Illuminati (even though we- i mean they don't exist >^_^<) Discordianism, Word history, Weird Science, Mysticism, Crafts, Freedom of expression, SeaSlugs

I have done art for a myriad of people but it takes me a long time to get things done not because i am slow but because my life is interesting in that chinese "May you live in Interesting times" sort of way.

i am currently living in a basement full of fish tanks. a lot of fish. and birds and assorted other animals.

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