Artist Bio

I emerged from the swirling chaos at a moment that caused me to come of age in the early 1980's. A time when my natural tendency to create was equated to devil worship and mental aberration. Undaunted, I polished my creation skills as I aged, to the terror of soccer moms and the delight of those who had an eye to see. I attended art school at Columbus College of Art and Design which tried, and then failed to fit me inside the box of the established art world and polite society. Afterwards my skills were deployed in a myriad of situations that were lucky (or unlucky) enough to have me. I have illustrated children's books, designed t-shirts for a screen printing company, animated portions of 2 feature films, and I paint regularly on velvet which has been displayed at haunted houses, art galleries and public libraries. Currently I am an active presence in an ever changing world, always employing my talents where they are needed before ultimately being re-absorbed into the chaos beyond the veil.

Artist Highlights