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I never know what to say in a bio so it won't be or seem like boring dribble.

For now I'll just say I am and enjoy being an artist (mostly digital now) and a writer (poetry, quotes, occasional short story). I just love being creative. I dabble in photography here and there and I play the keyboard (musical).

I love animals and nature, especially horses. I enjoy cooking/baking, gardening, and reading, especially to increase my knowledge base. I'm not big into tv and movies though. I prefer having music playng in the background, any genre, except rap.

One can form a pretty good idea about who I am through my art, poetry, and quotes, which I have a few Blogger blogs that display some. One of my favourite quotes authored by yours truly is, "Giving is the joy of living."

*end of boring dribble*

Have a marvelous day! Yours truly, Artsieladie/Sharon Donnelly <3

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