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My name is Elin Bogomolnik. I'm an oil painter from Israel. I was born in Republic Moldova in 1976. I’ve been studying three years in the “School of Arts” in 1990-1993 in Republic Moldova. In 1994 I leaved Republic Moldova for Israel. Unfortunately I have been forced to leave oil painting because of difficult life circumstances. In 2004 I resumed the deal that I love very much. I mean oil painting. Some years have passed before I‘ve found my own oil painting style and technique. Now I prefer mix of cubism, expressionism, modern and contemporary styles. I work with oil colors on canvas. All my artworks are made with technique palette knives and brushes.

My personal exhibitions took place: * Art Gallery "Tcilium Plus", Afula, Israel - June 2005 * Municipal Art Gallery "Ihal Ha-Tarbut", Afula, Israel - September 2005 * Municipal Art Gallery "Ihal Ha-Tarbut", Afula, Israel - April 2007 * Gordon Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel – December 2008

You can find my art works as a part of private collections in US, UK, France, Germany and Israel.

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