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I have been messing with fractals for over 20 years now. My main interest is large format, high resolution prints and wall art. As such, most of my images are rendered for the largest size prints available, to crisply reveal the intricate details most fractals contain…My work is done with many different fractal programs such as Incendia, Iterations, Sterling, Fractal Extreme, Ultra Fractal, Chaos Pro, and Apophysis. Most of my most recent work is done with Apophysis and Incendia.

Most of my works are ‘natural’ fractals; i.e. not layered or manipulated. (kaleidoscope fracts are an exception…).

Photography is a relatively new endeavor, as I have only recently obtained a good camera...more to come!

I hope you find something you enjoy, feedback is always encouraged and welcome...

You might like to visit my other sites...many more images than I have uploaded here yet...

~ my site at Zazzle... Sbricker @ Zazzle many different products with my fractal art and is a very small sample of my products...

~ my main website ~ all products and cool site links ~

Scott Bricker @ RedBubble my most recent work goes up here first...high quality prints/posters, T-shirts, fractal art calendars, and cards ~

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~ new site! Scott Bricker @ Fine Art America gallery, posters & prints & framing ~

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thanks for the look, Scott

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