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ABOUT ME: I am a professional photographer who loves Art. I have never been very good at drawing so when the computer software was invented for artists it was like a dream come true for me. I use different programs for my art work. These include Painter, Photoshop plug-ins, Gertrudis and others that I try periodically.

MY WORK: My husband and I own the business R and J Photography. We work mostly on commercial jobs. There is times we will work events. I love photographing nature. These images are mostly used for my art work. Also I am a teacher at the Armory Art center located in West Palm Beach, Florida and The Lighthouse Art center located in Tequesta, Florida.The courses taught are Corel Painter and Lightroom. Some photography but I mostly assist my husband in his photography classes. I am the co-founder and Director of Artists in Florida,LLC, visit our website at MY PURPOSE: It is important to know that those who view my work will have a smile on there face, a content feeling, or be moved by its soulfulness. This I believe is the greatest compliment of all and have accomplished what I set out to achieve.

Future: Commission work is always welcome. Please email me to discuss the particulars.

A Big Thank you to the many Artists on Artwork. Your feedback and compliments are a generous source of inspiration and encouragement.

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