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06 Jul, 2020

Creating is escaping for me. I have an eye condition that messes with my vision, a problem that’s worse when looking at a screen. Oh the irony of being an artist. Today that eye condition really screwed me, I made a mistake on my business cards, not a first. It’s hard to push through when you fall on the same rocks over and over. But, When I lose myself in my art my health and my vision don’t matter, for a while I’m free of my body, I’m ok. I just wanted to lose myself in my art today but a migraine kept me from being able to create. Here’s to keeping the faith, and being ok with naps and tears some days. This pice is from a few days ago it’s 2 by 3 a mini done with acrylic ink.


04 Jul, 2020

Worked on minis last night completing 3 one leaf with rain drops, one forest path, and one bird. Tonight I’m starting on an iris commission. Tomorrow I have two more commissions to work on. It’s been a long week but I finished a commission on Thursday That I had been avoiding but it turned out great. Just more proof I need to just start not procrastinate.


30 Jun, 2020

Spent time today working on a new pen and ink, and the rest of the day I fought a wretched migraine. I was so happy I was able to finish anyway. Tomorrow I’m excited about completing two commissions. It seems this time of year my mast cell and migraines keep me in the house napping a lot, so I’m so thankful for days when I feel good. Hopefully tonight I’ll be able to do a mini drawing we will see.


27 Jun, 2020

Today was long I spent the morning with daughter, then started on my tiny house portrait series which has over 8 tiny homes so far. Here are the last two houseS and a tiny barn. Theses minis are on 3 by 3 notecards with envelopes. Theater are so much fun to make I love the small soft details, and simple yet intricate subjects. I find the unique and inviting homes to be my favorites. I worked on my website for a little while. Now it’s time to wind down watch a little YouTube and check Facebook. Goodnight world.