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Hi my name is Josh Infanti. I am 17yrs old up and an upcoming photographer (I hope) I love photography and I try to shoot anything I can. My main love of photograpy is underwater. It is a whole different world down there that many people don't get to see. So I enjoy dislpaying my photo's for everyone to see.

I would like to eventually I want to do a gallery show, but I don't think my photos are of quality to do a dislpay yet. (what do you think?)

I bounce around between a pentax 1000 35 mm camera and a canon digital point and shoot and now a canon EOS 50D. all my shots underwater are done with a digital point and shoot.

anyways thats me in a nutshell diving and photography. oh yeah and school.

I would really appreciate any comments or critique you may have. you can pm. me or leave it on the comments.


Josh Infanti

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