Artist Bio

Self Portrait

L.A. Spilsbury

Santa Rosa

acrylic and mixed media paintings, collage/assemblage

My name is Laurel Spilsbury (many friends call me Laura) and my art goes under L.A. Spilsbury. I am self-taught, and my work has been exhibited in Sonoma County, Marin and San Francisco. My works were featured in window displays at Silverstone Gallery's ultimate Masquerade exhibition, store showings at Borders Books in San Francisco, as well as being in a local gallery in the Santa Rosa area in California. I have given numerous talks about my paintings at art groups, restaurant salon showings, etc. I served as Vice President of the Artists' Round Table of Santa Rosa, and I have been featured in The Press Democrat for my work in Art At The Source, where hundreds of visitors come to your studio on special days of the year to view and buy art. I've also sold my works at outdoor art events and Holiday fairs, as well as special showings at private homes where I gave art parties. I have sold many of my originals and have had great response, so I have made giclee reproductions of some pieces to sell on ArtWanted. My style of work has been compared many times to Frida Kahlo. I spend a lot of time on each piece and it is built from my imagination. It just begins to grow. I use anything I can to reflect my feelings and my personality. The colors are vibrant, created from paint, ink, paper, fabrics and even sand. I use antique jewelry, metals and clay to build exotic and surprising images. I love creating, and I hope to find an even wider audience showing here on ArtWanted.

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