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Brenda passed away 02/06/19.

Painting is exciting and fun for me. I work in mostly water soluable oil, but I also use acrylic and watercolor. I have been painting since 1999 when I finally followed my heart and bought a few painting supplies. Picking up a paint brush was like turning a corner in my life. I have studied under and have taken private lessons from award winning artists. Painting is a passion for me, and I immerse myself in each piece I work on. Learning more with each new piece, for art is a never ending learning journey. To take a blank canvas and create a work of art depicting God's beautiful handiwork is amazingly rewarding. Since I started painting, I have more of an appreciation of the beauty all around us. My passion is in painting wildlife and landscapes. I now look at nature differently. I view places and subjects as a possible composition. I notice the uniqueness of simple things, such as a fence post or tree stump. I give God all the glory for all he has done in my life. Proud Member of World Wide Women Artists (WWAO)

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