Artist Bio

Self Portrait

Susan has always loved to create, whether it was poetry, charcoal drawings, or digital art. Her goal has always been to share her feelings and joy in the beauty of the world around her. When she was raising a family, married and then as a single parent, she did not have much time to share with others; but she tried to share it with her children, as her father had done with her.

She feels there is so much around us all that is unique, from a snowflake to the smile of a child, from a fallen leaf to the age lines that map life on each face. There are so many emotions, from joy to despair, inside of us all...some on the surface, and some deep within our souls; they are there to be shared with others, so that we can see that which make us human, and discover that none of us is alone.

When she began to paint, she enjoyed the creativity, and it helped her to relax bringing a sense of calm and peace into her life. It gave her a chance to capture special moments in time and helped with the stress of raising a special needs son.

She uses acrylics because their versatility allows her to enjoy the best of all worlds; they can be used similarly to watercolors, and painted with the impasto method, they are similar to oils, without the lengthy drying time. The drying time and the need for toxic chemicals led her away from oils because of her son. She loves the textures you can get from them, and the colors are amazing. A large part of her creativity is centered on the use of color. She is learning to enjoy working with texture and different mediums.

She lost her husband to illness in 2011, and her son received placement in a full-time care facility near her home. She lives in Water Valley, MS, in the home she and her husband purchased shortly before his death.

Artist Highlights