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I'm a self-taught artist which does profit from the great professional experience of his painter friends. My friends opened my eyes for art and gave me the power to overcome my initial fear of painting. I was always attracted to painting and to expressing my feelings on canvas but was always afraid that perhaps I do not possess the necessary skills and talent.

Although I always believed that all of us are blessed with talent it was difficult to find a starting point. Mine was on early 2007 when, with support from my friends, I decided to make my first step in this direction. My first work has been created: "Sunset"

I took some painting lessons at the art studio of my painter friend Tana Zamfirescu, I received good advises from Lucian Popescu and also from others, advises which I used to build up my "initial" style.

The inspiration comes from all sides and in every moment, unfortunately there is not enough time to act on everything.


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