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born in 1954 (which makes me a mid-life baby boomer),graduated from high school with an art major in 1972 and went out into life to figure out "what i wanted to be when i grew up". didn't figure it out. only knew it had to be something in the art field so 12 years later i went back to mohawk college, taking commercial art and graduated in 1985. did a year of designing head stones, a year of screen printing and several years of stained glass. have had an on-again-off- again love affair with scratch board since '85 and have several commissioned pieces here and abroad, several commissioned pieces of stained glass(windows, sun-catchers, christmas decorations and jewelry, as well as portraits in grafite and pastel. worked for 8 years as a pharmacy assistant(what's THAT have to do with art you ask? nothing, but it sure helped pay the rent at the time). i had to stop for a couple of years as i couldn't see what i was scratching so now with the aid of magnifying glasses and a magnifying lense attached to my lamp i'm back into it on a full time basis(much to the chagrin of my husband and 18 year old as they're left to fend for themselves a lot.... hot dogs,kraft dinner, scrambled eggs again?!?! lol) now hoping to possibly start making some kind of income from it. i've completed about 25 new pieces in the last year and a half and have noticed a great improvement in my technique. motivation works wonders and having some really positive feed-back from other artists on this site has really got the creative juices flowing. had about 3 shows last year and will be doing a month of shows down on the city waterfront 'till the end of aug. have at least 3 more shows in the fall and then i'll go from there. people keep telling me i should be putting my work out there in a more aggressive manner but that requires more income to do it with a professional quality so... much as it's MUCH slower than i'd like i keep making inroads with hopes it will someday all come together. thanks to all who drop by and make comments. they inspire me to continue creating.

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