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Armando A. Bettencourt a Musician, Song Writer, Graphic Designer and Fine Artist. Born in the Azores Portugal and moved to Massachusetts at the age of 2. He is a graduate of The New England School of Art & Design (at Suffolk University). He has been a Graphic Designer/Art Director all of his working career and now just recently decided to pursue his dream of integrating visual arts with original music.

In his search for life-truth, he combines spiritual-theological, conscious and subconscious themes into surreal visual imagery. In his recent series "The 7 Ages", oil paintings are accompanied each with an original song from his latest CD album also called "The 7 Ages". Through his passions of visual art, song and poetry, he exposes hidden societal elitist spins that have been subconsciously dead and buried to enslaved sheepled masses. Then through a spiritual rebirth made alive to conscious truth.

A unique renaissance original in a troubled modern end of days. Hes soon to begin 2 new series of paintings that will accompany themes from his CD albums, Charlies Parade and World Crying. ...Stay Tuned Folks.

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