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Author -see for Some Things Strange And Sinister- artist,writer,editor.

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Like most kids of my generation,I began reading comics at the age of 5 years;comics ranged from Bimbo,Beezer,Topper,Lion and many others. When my family moved to Germany my reading,naturally,had to change and I began reading comics from companies such as Carlsen,Disney and Germanys biggest publisher of European comics,Bastei.

Obviously reading comics led to trying to draw them and this in turn led me to helping other pupils in after- school classes to learn to draw. While at Greenway School I created the school sanctioned magazine Starkers:The Magazine The Magazine That Tells The Naked Truth,in 1972,and which was distributed/sold at other schools.

On Leaving education in 1974 I went to work for H. Tanner & Son, a small printing firm based in Southmead,Bristol. When I moved to Manston,Kent,in 1977,I began working as a paste-up assistant to Philips Printers;this involved designing and then laying out/pasting up newsletters,commercial flyers,etc.,etc.. From 1980-84 I worked for Bennings Printers and Stationers,Keynsham,where I put together publications as well as advertising material until the company ceased trading in 1984.

During 1977 I also began writing articles on astronomy,meteorological phenomena,space exploration and other general subjects something I have continued up until this date in the UK and Europe as well as United States. In the UK the main market has been the County Magazine trade.

During the mid to late 1970s,I was employed as a sales rep helping to promote toys such as The Micronauts,Atlantic Soldiers ,Action Force figures and sets and other products. This involved visiting retailers,setting up displays,propmotional material and so on. This led to my designing a series of toy soldier style sets for Hong Kong manufacturers such as Dawn of Man and Space Frontier. Privately,this led to taking part in Games Workshop events and even war-gaming.

Between 1984-1994 I worked freelance as a writer/artist/editor/agent in comics as well as comics journalism for MU Press,Blue Comet Press,Fantagraphic Books,Eros Comics,Dorne,Fleetway,IPC and others in the United States,UK and Europe. During this period I also produced large numbers of single panel gag cartoons for agencies in Germany such as Boiselle-Lohmann and Baaske Agency these going to magazines and publications around Europe.

From 1984-2004 I was also self publishing comics as well as publications on a wide variety of subjects under the Black Tower banner.

I have also produced packages of work for companies in India,Hong Kong and China. I have also been working as an industry advisor for smaller companies in countries such as India and Canada.

I am also recognised as a British comics historian,having met and interviewed many of the creators who worked for comics here,and also traced the history of UK publishers.

I have a good knowledge of current UK,US and European comics as well as those being prepared for future release. Between 1978-1983 I worked at Silver Surfer Comics shop,Totterdown,Bristol.

As a talent spotter I helped various creators break into the comic industry such as John Royle,Jon Haward,Duncan Fegredo,Art Wetherell et al.

Lee Davis,as an introduction to an interview of myself in IMAGINEERS magazine,noted that I was &a near legendary figure in the British comics industry. In the U.S. industry publication,AMAZING HEROES,Hal Hargitt described me as &The hardest working man in comics!. Gerd Hamer,in a German comic magazine described me as The father of European super heroes&

Apart from writing and drawing comics I have,since 1986,been attempting to promote European comics and creators in the UK. My interest reflected in a collection of Russian,Chinese,Czech,Polish,Hungarian,German,Finnish,Belgian,Australian,New Zealand and,naturally,British and American comic books.

Outside of comics I have worked with companies such as Yorkshire Television and HTV to create ideas and programmes for TV,such as a Channel 4 Carry On Film weekend in 1999. I have also featured in documentaries or TV/Radio news programmes in my capacity as a veteran naturalist and Police Consultant.

I am also an historian specialising in Pre-Roman and Roman Britain,Celts and rediscovered lost history.

On both wildlife and history I have published numerous papers between 1979-2004.

Between 1992-2004 I published an Annual Report On The British Comics Industry looking at trends and sales as well as predicting trends,carrying out comic buyer surveys and so on. These began with 75% accuracy but by 1997 were between 89-97% accurate on predictions and trends.

I am perfectly able and willing to work as either part of a team or by myself and my commitment to any and all projects is 100% -hence my being known as a workaholic.

Any questions or showing an interest in possibly employing me are always welcome.

Terry Hooper

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