Artist Bio

Self Portrait

Artist Statement: Art expresses what my words fail to say and what my voice is too timid to whisper. Through painting I am able to take something of corruption and decay and turn it into something beautiful, expressing both a feeling and a moment. Where language is limiting, my paintings step in. Paintings first take their form as journal writings and are transformed with emphasis on a specific emotion expressed through bold color and aggressive strokes. Recent works are embedded with words and lines in the form of collage. Thoughts and emotions are laid down raw. Unhindered beauty and the freedom that comes from losing all hope and control are readily available for those who seek the truth within the painting.

Artist Biography: Born in 1982. A San Francisco Art Institute Graduate with a Bachelors in Fine Art, concentration in painting. While Id always loved the sound of pen on paper and the feel of thoughts flowing effortlessly, Id always found that words tended to be inadequate. I often spend my days alone with a cup of coffee and a crisp journal. Writings are later turned into bold and emotional paintings to the background of aggressive music. A detail oriented perfectionist. s previous graphic designer. Clean and organized until acrylic is beaten onto canvas. My paintings are overwhelming, demanding and destroy stereotypes of the female artist.

Artist Highlights