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Eric Abaka a.k.a mARTin Peeves

Born in Kumasi, Ghana, West Africa on April 25, 1983. PEEVES was born into a culture where art was cherished tremendously [from the performing arts to visuals], but unfortunately also taken for granted. Pursuing a career in the Arts was never encouraged by the large society. It was seen more as a gift from God. ?He caught the art bug at an early age of five and learnt quite a bit from his older siblings, who would always be drawing or deeply immersed in their coloring books, and fortunately his parents were very supportive. They bought materials and even encouraged their kids to hone the craft, which was not the norm with most of the parents in that society. He drew every now and then, making up cartoon characters as well drawing those he saw on Television, Mickey Mouse was a favorite. He would occasionally do holiday posters for family members during birthdays, Christmas etc. It wasn’t till college, that he however began to take Art very seriously. It became a way for him to express himself. It started out with comics, and writing dialogues. Most of his work at this time was Computer Art. With time he started focusing on drawing and slowly developed a style and artistic language, which is the most challenging period in any true artist’s on going quest. In the summer of 2003, a friend encouraged him to take up a course in Oil Painting. He did, and launched the real formal beginning of his artistic endeavors. He got the chance to learn about other great artists of the past and their works, and started drifting towards surrealism, which he had been researching for some time. Dali was an influence. However, with the formal training came a very stifling frustration, because he begun to realize a missing component which he couldn’t necessarily pinpoint exactly. After many months of soul searching and thought, he realized it was the absence of heritage in the art. He began incorporating aspects of his culture and African heritage in the paintings, and they started to take form. The paintings started to SPEAK. He also began including spontaneous thought processes in his paintings making them even more sincere and expressive. To this effect PEEVES’ art is extremely raw, honest and sincere which he explains is the epitome of the African heritage and ART in general. People ask who [whom] his inspirations are, and always hear the inevitable, “It’s the World around and Me.” ?These are the stories of his life and he’s simply taking you on this journey. He once confided in me and said…. I look at my work, and immediately Neo-expressionism comes to mind. It was the art of the 80’s, it died in the 80’s and I was born in the 80’s go figure. m. PEEVES is also one half of the elite quirky Art set GALT-FACULTY They are getting poised to make some artistic strides in Art, Music and Fashion which I for one, am very excited about!!!

jakGalt – brother and other half of GALT-FACULTY – on mARTin Peeves.

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