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My artistic styles range from the realistic, surrealistic, impressionistic, abstract paintings and traditional portraits in oils.

I am a participant and award winner of National and International exhibitions. In 2004 I became a winner of Who is Who Artist of the World.

The jury of the FLORENCE BIENNALE has invited me to exhibit my work at the December, 2007 event in Florence

Over 3000 paintings are in private collections in many countries: USA, Russia, Germany, France, UK and so on.

As I paint I receive information about the subtle qualities of the subject matter I am working with, than interpret it, and simultaneously transfer it to the paper or canvas.. The imprint of what I receive psychically becomes part of the painting.

Having a wide range of knowledge in different fields of science Nikolay Pavlushko established new kinds of industrial products which have not only high esthetical level, but also comfort of performance and exploitation.

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