Artist Bio

Welcome to my Art Wanted Portfolio. Please take a few moments to brows through the body of my work. In doing so I hope that you see and appreciate the elements and emotions of with in as they transform into what are my creations.

My artwork is inspired mainly by the local colour that surrounds me in my travels. I believe that covening in on the human condition's, meaningful pauses, struggle's of relationship, and fragment's of memories, I am able to augment the formative aptitude that allows me to give each of my pieces their vulnerability, and individuality.

The use of many mediums allows me to have broad range of creations. I like to work in typography, acrylic, oil, watercolor, pastel, mixed media, and photography.

Please see my Blog / Journal entries to view current events and shows.

..........2008 Schedule of Events.........

1. April 2008 - Art All Night - Lawrenceville,PA.

2. July 2008 - Washington County Arts & Heritage Festival - Washington, PA.

3. July 3-6th,2008 - Twin Lakes Arts Festival - Twin Lakes Park - Latrobe, PA.

4.October 2008 - Franklin Arts Festival - Franklin, Pa.

5.July 22,2008 - Northern National Juried Art Show - Rhineland, Wisconsin.

6.Brystol - Myers & Squibb, New York.

7. The Polish Hill Civic Association "Art What You Got" festival July 20th,2008.

8. - World wide online art gallrty.

9.J PG - World wide online art gallery.

10. Newly associated with the following groups: a. The Greater Pittsburgh Arts Council b. The Pittsburgh Center For Arts 3. The Steel Valley Arts Center

2008 Americas For The Arts Annual Convention - Philidelphia, PA June 20th -22nd, 2008.

The Nevada Photographers Magazine Compition- 2009.. 2nd Place" SoapBox Durby".

Artist Highlights