Artist Bio

"The Digital Imaginations"

Born in Zilina,Slovakia in 1947. In the past he devoted himself to the classical black and white imaginative photography.

He exhibited his photographs in the international art photograph exhibitions. He also published his pieces of art in the foreign photograph magazines. His photographs can be found in several private collections both in his native and in the foreign countries. Since 2003 he´s been devoted to the digital art. Mostly he presents his works on the internet. The classical photograph techniques in the past didn´t let me express my feelings and show my inner world. Now, they can be expressed by the digital art. In the past I called my works THE IMAGINATIVE PHOTOGRAPHS , now I call my works THE DIGITAL IMAGINATIONS. They set me free from all the conventions and they give me freedom in the signification and feeling levels. In my pictures there meet various kinds and meanings and also many worlds and visions. The abstract pieces of art give the receptive spectator countless amount of the visual experiences. My last pictures are published under the name NO NAME - I´d like to give freedom not only to the author, but also to the spectators.

Artist Highlights