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Vasiliev 'Vas' Nini DOB 1954 Sculpture with mastery in Realism, Expressionism, and Abstraction Albanian American with dual citizenship Vasiliev 'Vas' Nini was born in Albania. The internationally recognized artist relocated with his family to the USA with citizenship in 2007.

Short Biography Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands is one international private collector owning his work. The passion in his life is art. Art was his formal training and sculpting is his specialty. • 1969-1973 He attended Jordan Misja High School, Branch of Sculpture, in Tirana, Albania. The Jordan Misja High School is the number one school for the Fine Arts in Albania. • 1975-1979 he attended college and graduated with distinction from the Academy of Beaux Arts, Branch of Monumental Sculpture, Tirana, Albania with ultimate terminal degree in sculpture. After college graduation he opened his studio. He developed his career by participating in creative initiatives and exhibitions. Nini’s technical and design skills broaden his scope for new challenging commissions. Nini is sculpting expanded through projects for the Ministry of Education and the League of Writers and Artists of Albania from 1979 to1984. Today he works in both countries pursuing his sculpting dreams.

Notable Projects in Chronological Order: 1982 Triptych of Monumental Sculpture, Museum Erseka, Albania; (Bronze, 9m x 3m x 70cm) 1984 Monument of Helmes, Skrapar, co-author Albania; (Artificial stone, 8m x 1.20cm x 1,20cm) 1985 Monument Kordelja (Ribbon) dedicated to the Women's Institute, co-author, Tirana, Albania; (Bronze & artificial stone, 4m x 2.50cm x 2.50cm) 1986 'A Woman Singer' a park sculpture, Tirana, Albania; (Bronze, 2m x 1m x 1m) 1988 'A Woman Swimmer' a park sculpture, National Park Sports Center, Tirana, Albania; (Bronze, 2.50cm x 70cm x 50cm) 1992 Memorial Dedicated to the martyrs of Palokaster Village, Gjirokastra, Albania; (Artificial stone, 3.50 x 1m x 1m) 1999 Monument of Jakov Xoxe, Fier, Albania. (Granite & Bronze, 3m x 50cm x 50cm) A large number of Nini's sculptures are exhibited and owned by the National Gallery in Tirana, Albania. His sculpture can be found in art galleries, private and public collections all over the country of Albania and USA.

Teaching Experience • Specialist at the Center for the Implementation of Art Works in Tirana, Albania from 1984 to 1992. • Taught fine art students for eight years. Then joined the Albanian Radio-TV, Tirana, Albania in 1992, developing communication skills by lecturing. • Then from 1997 to 2002 he lectured at the Academy of Fine Arts-Branch of Figurative Arts in Tirana, Albania. • 2002-2007 Nini taught fine private fine art classes in Omaha, Nebraska.

International exhibitions 1979 Erseka, Albania; 1980 Gjirokaster, Albania; 1986 Peshkopi, Albania; 1994 Gjirokaster, Albania; 1995 Collective exhibition, Bari, Lece, Italy; 1995 Private Collective exhibition in the International Center of Culture, Tirana Albania; 1998 Autumn in Tirana, Hall, Euro Park, Rogner Hotel, Tirana, Albania; 1999 Den Hague, Holland; 2001 Autumn in Tirana Hall, Euro Park, Rogner Hotel, Tirana, Albania.

American Career Start: 2003 Louisville Art Gallery, Nebraska, USA; 2004 Hot Shop Art Center-Barker Studio Project Omaha, Nebraska, USA, 2004 Bellevue University, Nebraska USA, 2004 Louisville Art Gallery, Nebraska USA, 2004 Hot Shop Art Center Open House, May and December, Omaha, NE, USA, 2004 Hot Shop Festival of Art, Omaha, NE USA, 2004 Open House Artists Impressions, Ralston, NE USA; 2005 Collective Exhibition Hot Shop Art Center, Tsunami Relief, Omaha, NE USA, and 2005 Exhibition, Albanian Embassy, Washington, DC. 2007 Exhibition in Armory Center, Zanesville, Ohio. 2009 Exhibition at Ohio University at Zanesville.

- The artist shows his art privately for clients at his studio on request. The scale of the work is of no concern to Nini as he moves effortlessly from monumental to miniature. He enjoys creating on any scale. His smaller sculptures have a monumental quality. Commissioned Works are internationally Owned and Exhibited: 1990 Park sculpture, Catanzaro, Italy; (Bronze, 2.40cm x 1.60cm x 30cm) 1991 Park sculpture, Aquafirmoza, Italy, (Bronze, 1.20cm x 80cm x 20cm) 1995 Statue of Albanian National Poet “Naim Frasheri” Washington DC USA Albanian Embassy. (Terracotta, 80cm x 15cm x 10cm) 1997Statute of Mother Teresa, Tuz, Montenegro, co-author ;( Bronze, 2m x 70cm x 70cm) 1997 Sculpture, in the private collection of the Queen Beatrix of Holland; (Marble, 30cm x 20cm x 15cm) 1999 Statue in Albanian Embassy in Den Hague, Holland; (Cold bronze, 1.20cm x 50cm x 30cm) 2000 Washington DC, USA Albanian Embassy statue of “Scanderbeg.” (Cold bronze, 1.20cm x 50cm x 30cm) 2001 Monument of 4 Martyrs Sculpture, Rotkoc, Kosovo; (Bronze, 4m x 1.80cm x 70cm) 2001 Monument of “Ismet Jashari,” Prizren, Kosovo; (Bronze, 3m x 70cm x 70cm) 2002 Statue of Mother Teresa, Pristine, Kosovo co-author; (Bronze, 2m x 70cm x 70cm) 2002 Private School Flatrat e Dijes, Sculpture, Fier, Albania. (Bronze, 3m x 60cm x 20cm)

American commissions: 1998 Monumental statue of Mother Teresa, Bronx, New York, USA co-author; (Bronze, 2m x 70cm x 70cm) 2002 Monumental statue of Mother Teresa, Detroit, Michigan, USA co-author; (Bronze, 2m x 70cm x 70cm) 2005 Terracotta reliefs for Monument of Lois & Clark, Casabas, Iowa. 2005 Mother Teresa statue for Albanian Embassy, Washington DC, USA, (Cold bronze, 80cm x 15cm x 10cm) 2006 Monument “Wedding Day,” Omaha, Ne, (Bronze, 2m x 1.40cm x 1m) 2007 Washington, PA, Monumental statue of “Angelo Falconi” (Bronze, 2.10cm x 1m x 50cm) 2007 Relief “Grey Hound” Welling, West Virginia. Stadium. (For tone, 2.50cm x 80cm x 15cm) 2007 Monumental “Granville Girl Museum,” Granville, Ohio. (Bronze, life size figure) 2008 A&M Texas University. World War I, Solder. (Bronze, 2.10cm x 60cm x 50cm) 2009 Saint Antonio Cathedral. Series of 10 different figures of saints, Texas. (Bronze Alto-relief, 2.10cm x 70cm x 30cm, each figure) 2009 Monumental statue of Mother Teresa, Klein Kosovo. (Bronze, 2.10cm x 60cm x 50cm) 2010 Rochester Hill, Michigan monumental statue of Mother Teresa, Detroit, USA. (Bronze, 2.05cm x 65cm x 65cm) 2011 Life size statue Saint Marry with Child, Kalamazoo, Michigan. (Co-author). (Resin & fiberglass)

Nini’s Awards Acknowledge and Recognize Artistic Achievement in: • 1981, 1983 and 1985 for sculpture at Gallery of Art in Tirana, Albania. • 1986 First place in National Competition for Park sculpture in Tirana, Albania. • 1996 Third place in 1996 in sculpture awarded by the Onufiri National Exhibition National Art Gallery, Tirana, Albania.

- Nini won First Place in the National Competition for the Monument of Overthrowing of the Dictatorship in Tirana, Albania in 1996. When the sculpture was unveiled the artist realized his connection with people. The sculpture is chrome lightning bolts striking a base of bronze representing Albania, a country in change. The statue is displayed in a garden representing growth and beauty. Everything in life changes and in 2002 his life and career took a dramatic change. • Nini moved to Omaha, Nebraska, USA in search of the American dream for his family and his art. Upon arrival he painted in watercolor the autumn colors of Nebraska's trees. • This picture of arrival is displayed with pride in his Nebraska home. On July 2, 2007 Vas became a US citizen. • His new American studio is in Zanesville, Ohio. • Here he designs, sculpts, communicates with patrons and works with other artists. • He continues to further develop his talent in America. • His family and a new American life drive him. The need to be productive is what guides his craft. Not only is he a fine sculptor, but also a classically trained life-drawing artist. • One life drawing series is titled 'The Espresso Series'. The medium is espresso, pencil, ink and sugar.

His Work as an Artist. • Nini sculpts in a variety of media including, but not limited to marble, granite, stone, wood, bronze, metal, and chrome. • He searches for materials that support his creative vision. • The sculptures are a variety of scale, textures, colors and mediums. • Nini's more recent work is freer and more expressive because of his passion for America. The American commissions provide him with opportunity to explore new ideas, continue his work and raise his family in America. • America has a treasure in this gifted artist. Exhibitions and commission information based upon the artist's resume. Written and submitted by Janet G. Smith, art consultant, art historian, art authenticator and independent curator, Introductions and additional exhibit information was provided by • Prof. Gerald Westgerdes • Janet G. Smith. • Marilyn Westgerdes • Lori Stevens, • Isabella Threlkeld, J Vasiliev Nini Ohio, 2011 Phone Home: 740-297-8041 Cell: 740-297-9658

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