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I am the founder and director of a unique non-profit for Combat Veterans and their families, with the regional headquarters located in The Bay Area, California. Please visit for more information. I also have an online Metaphysical shop, The Whispering Gypsy.

I tend to be irreverent, and slightly crazy. I am an artist and writer, a free thinker, opinionated and very politically incorrect.

I am a Sister, a Mother, a Grandmother, a Lover and a Friend. If you don't like what you see and hear on my page, well hell honey, I can show you where the unfriend button is without a problem! That being said, here is a bit more about me!

If I am able to make a positive difference in just one life a day, then my goal will have been accomplished.

99.9% of all art, photography and text on my pages are original Susan Isabella Sheehan. Please, do not reproduce without proper attribution. Thank You.

I am a gutsy no nonsense woman, who doesn't accept the concept of no, and refuses to take it for an answer.

I am an original..... the mold was broken when I was born.

I work completely outside of any boxes that others attempt to contain me in, and I have a creative mind that realizes no limits.

My life is complex and filled to the brim all of the time. When I do have leisure time, I enjoy being with my family, traveling, working and relaxing in my Meditation Garden, creating art, writing and photography.

I am a member of several online art communities where I can share my personal creations and interact with like minded individuals.

I am extremely passionate about life! An Arizona Native, I have traveled extensively, but especially love all that is Ireland. I presently reside in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Someone once asked me who I most admired.

I would have to say there are two people.

#1- Diana Vreeland. You can read about her here:

#2 - Joseph Campbell. You can read more about him here:

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