Artist Bio

Kiesha Crowther, born and currently residing in Colorado's beautiful San Luis Valley, has been recognized in both of the mediums she chooses to work in, Art and Poetry. At the young age of 23 her rendition of Jack Dempsey, The Manassa Mauler, was chosen by the United States Postal Service for replication on a postage stamp honoring the great boxer. Her art work has been featured in galleries from Taos, New Mexico to Edinburgh, Scotland. Kiesha's poetry has brought both national and international acclaim and recognition. She has been awarded Poet of the year in Washington DC for 2003. Philadelphia PA in 2004, Orlando, FL in 2005 and last year received the prestigious award again in Las Vegas NV. Part of her work is now contained in a book/project spearheaded by First Lady, Laura Bush entitled "Poems for Peace". Many of her poems have been included on a soon to be released CD entitled "Creative Poetic Expressions" which will be released worldwide in the near future. One of her poems has now been used as the lyrics of a popular song released during the summer of 2006. The poem "Reach for my Hand" has become the lyrics of a song by the same name recorded and released by the Willows Folk Group from Warwickshire, United Kingdom. It has been heard on radios all across the United Kingdom. Her poetry has been included in numerous books distributed world wide including, Colors of the Heart, Eternal Portraits, Letters from the Soul, The Sound of Poetry, Theater of the Mind and has been featured in the annual publication "The best Poets of 2002, 2004 and 2005. The reception and success of her writing in poetry has led to the publication of two books solely devoted to her work and demonstrates her love of poetry. "Whispers in the Wind" printed in 2003 and "Secrets of the Soul" printed in 2006. Both books have been sold here in the United States and in Europe. A part of Kiesha's success is reflected in her giving nature. She has been asked to share her talents by giving art instruction for the public in her home area including teach of art classes in several southern Colorado rural schools. She has participated as an art judge and critic at numerous art Fairs and competitions. Her credentials include a Bachelors in Small Business and a degree in Animal Science. She has recently been awarded the Life Experience Bachelors and holds a Masters Degree of Art from Alameda University

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